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Samana Travel Guide - Dominican Republic.

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Welcome to spectacular Samana Dominican Republic

Samana has many definitions : First of all, it's a small town of 15,000 cheerful Dominicans living by the sea known by it's geographic name of "Santa Barbara de Samana", and also called sometimes "Samana Town", people living here simply call it home: SAMANA

It's also the name of the Peninsula and the majestic Bay. Furthermore, it is also the name of the Province that encompass all of this incredible natural beauty.

Town of Samana Dominican Republic.

The town of Samana is a scenic, beautiful and peaceful port, with friendly and easy-going Dominicans, living their life with tourism, agriculture and fishing activities, all set to the beat and rhythms of Merengue, Bachata and Salsa music.

Samana is graced by a renovated Malecon
(Seaside walking promenade) of about 2 kilometers long for strolling by daytime and nightime by the gorgeous Bay and the Marina filled with sailboats and fishing boats. This is where you will find all the restaurants, bars, banks, shopping and terraces with wifi in town.

In November 2009, the Bay of Samana was recognized as "One of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World"

Beautiful Malecon in Samana town Dominican Republic.

Samana is also a great place to retire in DR. Perfect weather of 68 to 88 degrees Farenheit all year long (20 to 30 degrees Celcius), very low crime rate, 24 hours a day electricity and a low cost of living.

The town of Samana is celebrating on August 23 its birth anniversary, a lot have changed since the town was founded back in 1756 by the Spanish governor Francisco Rubio Peñaranda.

Every year from January to March, one of the most fascinating creatures on earth comes to visit the immense bay of Samana. The large peaceful Humpback Whales come by thousands, offering a natural spectacle of true wonders.

Playa Cayacoa beach and Bridges to Nowhere of Samana town Dominican Republic.

The town of Samana is at the heart of all this... come and discover it by yourself. Samana is an Ecotourism destination surrounded by breathtaking nature, with its own paradise island called Cayo Levantado just a few minutes away by boat, lush tropical mountain hills, virgin forest of El Valle, many beautiful waterfalls, caves with petroglyphs and pictograms, famous Playa Rincon beach and countless other secluded beaches with crystal clear waters.

Come discover Samana,
the true "Eden"
of the Dominican Republic

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