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What to Do and See in beautiful Samana Dominican Republic

  • What to see in Samana - Los Haitises National Park Samana Dominican Republic.
  • What to do in Samana - Los Haitises National Park Samana Dominican Republic.
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Los Haitises
National Park

Samana Bay

Los Haitises National Park is located in Samana Bay, about 15 Kilometers from the Port of Samana Town. The National Park is a protected virgin forest accessible mostly by boat from Samana Town with very little road access. Haitis (singular) means highland or mountain range in the Taíno language, although the elevation of the park's hills ranges from 30–40 m (98–130 ft). There is a multitude of caverns created by water erosion. Native Americans adorned these caverns with pictographs and petroglyphs.

What to See in Samana - Los Haitises National Park Samana Dominican Republic. Los Haitises National Park Samana - Caves, Mangroves, Bird Watching in Samana Dominican Republic.

The area was formed during the Miocene epoch of the Neogene period. Hydrographically, Los Haitises spans portions of two basins: in its western half, the lower basin of the Yuna River; and in its eastern half, a zone spanning Miches and Sabana de la Mar. The fauna of Los Haitises is of great variety, and due to the park's diversity of physical geographic zones, it boasts the greatest representativity of fauna among the protected natural areas in the country. Los Haitises National Park contains spectacular landscapes like the San Lorenzo Bay, the islets (keys), and the mangroves. The Cayo de los Pájaros ("bird key"), which is conspicuous for the virtually continuous presence of frigatebirds and pelicans circling low overhead, sits between the Boca del Infierno ("Mouth of Hell"). In the National Park you will also find a secluded small Hotel & Restaurant called Paraiso Caño Hondo.

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